The OECD Harmonised Templates are standard data formats for reporting studies done on chemicals to determine their properties or effects on human health and the environment. They are aimed at developers of database systems, as they prescribe the formats by which information can be entered into and maintained in database. By using these templates, governments and industry will easily be able to electronically exchange test study summary information. The templates can be used for reporting summary results for testing on any type of a chemical (e.g., pesticides, biocides, industrial chemicals).

 What's New


New Templates on NANOMATERIALS physico-chemical properties (22 Nov. 2013)

A new Series of 13 OECD Harmonised Templates for Reporting Chemical Test Summaries (OHT) is now available online, dealing with “Additional physico-chemical properties for NANOMATERIALS”. These OHTs usefully complete the templates already used to describe properties of any chemical, by offering endpoints specific to characterisation of nanomaterials such as surface specification, agglomeration, crystallisation, Zeta potential, density, catalytic activity, and other aspects. The 13 OHTs and associated XML files are available at “TEMPLATES” (see OHTs 101 to 113), and their addition included the list “UPDATE Overview”.