The OECD Harmonised Templates are standard data formats for reporting studies done on chemicals to determine their properties or effects on human health and the environment. They are aimed at developers of database systems, as they prescribe the formats by which information can be entered into and maintained in database. By using these templates, governments and industry will easily be able to electronically exchange test study summary information. The templates can be used for reporting summary results for testing on any type of a chemical (e.g., pesticides, biocides, industrial chemicals).

What's New


12 revised Templates now available online (3 June 2014)

Twelve OECD Harmonised Templates for Reporting Chemical Test Summaries (OHTs), revised during 2013, are now available online. These OHTs, updated to align them with some revised/new OECD Test Guidelines, belong to the Series on ‘Degradation and accumulation’ (OHTs 29, 32 and 33), ‘Effects on biotic systems’ (OHTs 47, 49, 50-2 and 53), and ‘Health effects’ (OHTs 61, 66-1, 68, 70 and 76). The 12 OHTs and associated XML files are available at “TEMPLATES”, while their additions and changes are listed in the “UPDATE Overview” at the date of 15 December 2013.