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(NEW) 3 December 2014

OECD/UNEP Global PFC Webinar #4

Recent Developments in Risk Reduction Approaches for PFCs 3 December 2014 at 7am Washington DC, 1pm Paris, 8pm Beijing and 9pm Tokyo time

Objective: This webinar aims to present recent developments in risk reduction approaches for PFCs.  It is organised around expert talks and attendees will also have an opportunity to discuss with the speakers and ask questions in an interactive setting. The webinar will last for 60 minutes. 


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30 April 2014 

OECD/UNEP Global PFC Webinar #3

Recent Developments in Alternatives to Long Chain PFCs

30 April 2014 - 7am Washington DC, 1pm Paris, 8pm Beijing and 9pm Tokyo time

Objective: This webinar aims to give an insight into recent developments in alternatives to long chain PFCs. It is organised around expert talks. Attendees will also have an opportunity to discuss with the speakers and ask questions in an interactive setting.


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15-18 June 2014 

6th International Workshop on Per- and Polyfluorinated Alkyl Substances - PFASs ,  Idstein, Germany

The main objective of the workshop is to bring together specialists from around the world in order to present and discuss scientific and regulatory developments with regard to PFASs.

29 January 2014

OECD/UNEP Global PFC Webinar #2

Major uses of PFCs and scientific evidence

29 January 2014 – 7am Washington DC, 1pm Paris, 8pm Beijing and 9pm Tokyo time

Objective:  Following-up on a previous webinar that provided an overview of a range of issues related to perfluorinated chemicals (PFC), this webinar will provide more in-depth information about major uses of PFCs and the scientific evidence that is available about this chemistry. Presentations will be based on a recent OECD/UNEP synthesis ( and there will be an opportunity to pose questions to key experts.


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20 November 2013

OECD/UNEP Global PFC Group Webinar

Overview of PFCs Landscape – Key issues and insights

20 November 2013 - 7am Washington DC, 1pm Paris, 8pm Beijing and 9pm Tokyo time

Objective:  This webinar will tell you everything that you ever wanted to know about PFCs. The event will provide an overview of key issues in relation to long chain perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) based on a recent OECD/UNEP synthesis ( as well as an opportunity to pose questions to key experts.


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October 27-29, 2013; Helsingør/Copenhagen, Denmark

5th International Workshop on Fluorinated Compounds in materials, humans and the environment- current knowledge and scientific gaps 


7-9 November 2012

4th International Workshop: Per- and Polyfluorinated Alkyl Substances - PFAS

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31 January 2012

OECD/UNEP Webinar on the 2009 OECD PFC Survey Methodology 

Objective: to explain the survey methodology and to discuss its applicability in the Asia-Pacific region.

Information note



Methodology of 2009 OECD PFC Survey (NICNAS)

A Manufacturer's Perspective (FluoroCouncil)

Introduction and objectives of webinar (OECD)


8-9 November 2011

Workshop on "Regulatory issues of PFCs", organised by German Federal Environment Agency and Norway's Climate and Pollution Agency

8th-9th November 2011 in Dessau-Roßlau, Germany

Draft Agenda


Background Information


5 September 2011

UNEP/OECD Workshop: Perfluorinated Chemicals and the Transition to Safer Alternatives, Beijing, China 

This event on 5 September will be taking place within the framework of SAICM’s regional Asia-Pacific meeting. The PFC workshop will be followed by a UNITAR workshop on nanotechnology and manufactured nanomaterials (6-7 September) and the SAICM Asia Pacific Regional meeting (8-9 September).


Areas for Discussion



PPT 1: Setting the scene: Overview of PFCs, the work of the OECD PFC Steering Group and the establishment of a Global PFC Group

PPT 2: The 2009 PFC Survey   


Recent Developments in the OECD;

PPT 3: United States

PPT 4: Germany

PPT 5: Japan


PPT 6: The influence of global regulatory changes and customer preferences on the development of alternatives to long chain PFCs  

Recent developments in the Asia-Pacific Region;

PPT 7: People’s Republic of China

PPT 8: India

PPT 9: Russia


PPT 10: Indonesia

PPT 11: Korea

PPT 12: Thailand

PPT 10: Ideas for work of the Global PFC Group


Summary Record



28 April 2011

Side event as part of Fifth Meeting of the Conference of Parties to the Stockholm Convention

25-29 April 2011, Geneva, Switzerland

Safer PFC Alternatives: OECD efforts for management of Perfluorinated Compounds and the transition to safer alternatives


OECD: Introduction to work of OECD PFC Steering Group

NICNAS, Australia: PFCs: Outcome of the 2009 OECD Survey

FluoroCouncil: Global PFC Steering Team: An Industry Perspective

US EPA: US Regulatory Actions and Risk Management Activities on Perfluorinated Chemicals


18 April 2011

OECD Webinar on alternatives to long chain PFCs

Co-organized with the Stockholm Convention Secretariat
18 April 2011 - 7am Washington DC, 1pm Paris, 7pm Beijing and 8pm Tokyo time

Objective:  To provide updates on activities related to alternatives to long chain PFCs, to introduce the guidance on alternatives developed by the Stockholm Convention’s POPs Review Committee, to share country experience in managing PFCs, and to discuss the ideas to address the challenges in sharing information and experience.


Powerpoint Presentations:


2 March 2011 and 8/9 March 2011

OECD Webinars on the 2009 PFC Survey Findings

Objective:  To disseminate the results of a 2009 Survey on production, use and release of PFCs and to discuss the usefulness of the survey data for Governments, the private sector and other stakeholders.



  • Introduction  (OECD) – 5 minutes
  • Presentation of 2009 PFC Survey (Australia) – 15 minutes
  • Panel reactions - 5 minutes each
    • United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA)
    • Private Sector (OECD’s Business and Industry Advisory Council, BIAC)
    • Non-OECD Government

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Powerpoint Presentations:


27 October 2010

Webinar on Recent PFC Related Activites
Information note

The objective of this webinar is to provide a forum for discussion of current activities and updates since the February 2009 UNEP workshop on PFCs

5am Washington time, 11am Paris time and 6pm Tokyo time


7-11 November 2010

SETAC North Americe 31st Annual Meeting

Portland, USA


17 -19 June 2010

2nd International Workshop
Fluorinated Surfactants: New Developments
Idstein, Germany


8-10 June 2010

U.S. EPA Research Triangle Park Campus
North Carolina, USA


23-27 May 2010

SETAC Europe 20th Annual Meeting
Seville, Spain


4 May 2010

Workshop on Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and its ammonium salt - Production, use and risk

Brussels, Belgium 


27 January 2010

Project Conffidence: Open Day
Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands
Website Conffidence Open Day



12-13 February, 2009

Workshop on Managing Perfluorinated Chemicals and Transitioning to Safer Alternatives
Geneva, Switzerland


20-22 November, 2006

Workshop on Perfluorocarboxylic Acids (PFCAs) and Precursors in 2006
Stockholm, Sweden


19-20 August, 2005

Fluoros Symposium
Toronto, Canada


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