OECD work on education: 8 themes - out dated - do not use




Early childhood education and care Adult learning 
Schooling Outcomes, benefits and returns
Transitions beyond initial education Equity and equality of opportunity
Higher education
Innovation and knowledge management





 Early childhood education and care is the subject of past and ongoing OECD analysis:

• Since 2012, Education at a Glance includes a new indicator on the state of early childhood education
  Schooling encompasses work analysing characteristics of learners and learning, teachers, and how to improve school leadership through:

Transitions beyond initial education looks at policies on transitions beyond compulsory schooling:

OECD Skills Strategy provides a cross-government strategic framework examining skills systems

Higher education:


Adult learning

  • Survey of Adult Skills (PIAAC)

Outcomes, benefits and returns


Equity and equality of opportunity


Innovation and knowledge management



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