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Public Consultation on the draft text of the Guidelines on Quality Provision in Cross-border Higher Education


OECD together with UNESCO has been working on developing the Guidelines on Quality Provision in Cross-border Higher Education. Three drafting meetings of the Guidelines took place. The first drafting meeting was held on 5-6 April 2004 at UNESCO Headquarters, Paris. The second drafting meeting took place on 14-15 October 2005 at Tokyo University, Tokyo. The third and final drafting meeting took place on 17-18 January 2005 at the OECD Headquarters, Paris. All OECD and UNESCO Member countries as well as stakeholders including higher education institutions, student associations, quality assurance and accreditation agencies, recognition agencies, academic staff associations, professional bodies, private sector and other international organisations were invited to take part in the process.

We are now inviting public comment since we believe this will help to make the final text more relevant to the needs and concerns of all stakeholders of higher education.

What sort of input are we seeking?

People are invited to comment on the overall structure of the Guidelines, as well as their scope and their content. Specific suggestions for wording are welcome as well. It should be noted that the current draft is work in progress, and that participants of the working meeting as well as UNESCO and the OECD member countries are also asked to comment on this draft. Please send your comments to by 15 March 2005.

What will happen next?

All the comments we receive will be published on our web site with details of their sender, except in cases where the sender specifically asks for comments not to be published or to be posted anonymously. The comments received during this public consultation will be reviewed for their possible inclusion in the next draft of the Guidelines. A summary of the comments received will be published on this website by the end of March 2005.


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