School Resources Review



School Resources Review
(OECD Review of Policies to Improve the Effectiveness of Resource Use in Schools)

The School Resources Review provides analysis and policy advice on how to distribute, utilise and manage resources so that they contribute to achieving countries’ educational objectives to the fullest. It reviews policy evidence to help governments achieve effectiveness and efficiency in education. 

Key issues for analysis
Explore the different types of interlinking resources and the key issues the Review is focusing on. 

How the review is being conducted
Read about the three phases to the Review and how the learning will be shared.  

Reports for participating countries
See what countries are taking part in the project. Read the Country Reviews and Country Background Reports published.

Background papers and studies
Learn more about effective resource use in schools.

Related work
See what else the OECD and other organisations are doing in relation to resource use in schools. 

Contact the team
Read the biographies and find the contact details of those carrying out the Review.  






What's New

Cover for the OECD Reviews of School Resources: Uruguay publication

Uruguay Country Review

Cover for the OECD Reviews of School Resources publication on Denmark

Denmark Country Review

Cover for the OECD School Resources Review Report - 160*220

Czech Republic Country Review


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