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TALIS Country Notes, Country Profiles and National Reports


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Country notes and profiles highlight some key findings from TALIS 2013 and 2014 for individual countries and economies.

National reports are in the language of the country they concern.

Abu-Dhabi Country Profile Japan Country Note
Alberta (Canada) Country Note
Alberta's report
Korea Country Profile
Australia Country Note 
National Report
Latvia Country Note (EN) (Latvian)
Brazil Country Note (EN) (PT) Malaysia Country Profile 
Bulgaria Country Profile
National Report (BG)
Mexico Country Note (EN) (ES)
National report


Country Profile


Country Note
National Report



Country Profile




Country Profile
National ReportArticle and Executive Summary
Czech Republic Country Profile 
National Report 1 & 2

Country Note
National Report (PL)
Key findings: Polish - English

Press material:  Polish - English
More information

Denmark Country Note
National Report
Portugal Country Profile
England Country Note
National Research Brief and Report
Romania Country Profile
Estonia Country Profile
National Report (ET)
Serbia Country Note (EN) (SR)
Finland Country Note
National Report
Shanghai (China) Country Note
Flanders (Belgium) Country Profile
National Report 
Singapore  Country Note
France Country Note (EN) (FR)
National article 1 & 2
Slovak-Repubic Country Profile
Iceland Country Profile Spain Country Note (EN) (ES)
National Report & Analysis
More information
Israel Country Profile Sweden Country Note
National Report 1 & 2
Italy Country Profile
National Report & Guide
United States

 Country Note

 Country Note for Supporting Teacher Professionalism

See also the Report on Europe by the European Commission and the Eurydice Report: The Teaching Profession in Europe: Practices, Perceptions, and Policies (published on 25 June 2015).


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