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Highlights from the Fifth Strength through Diversity Policy Forum (Tenerife, November 15-16, 2018)

"Migration and Education: a regional perspective”
by Paolo Veneri

“Integration of Migrants at the Local Level:
Coordination and common challenges”
by Thomas Liebig

“Local-Level Migration and Integration”
by Claire Charbit and Anna Piccinni

“Large-Scale Flows in Water Governance:
Mechanisms, strategies and methods”

by Håkan Tropp

“Risk Management: Important strategies and approaches”
by Teresa Deubelli

“Good Practices for Managing Crisis in the Nuclear Energy Sector”
by Olvido Guzman

“Policy Learning from the Health Sector:
Preparing for and managing diseases”

by Michele Cecchini

“Recent Findings and Reflections on
Quality Education in Remote Regions”

by Luka Boeskens and Thomas Radinger


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