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What is meant by school resources

There are a broad range of resources used in education systems. This Review is considering four types of closely interlinked resources:

  • Financial transfers (e.g. public funding of individual schools)
  • Human resources (e.g. teachers, school leaders, education administrators)
  • Physical resources (e.g. buildings and equipment)
  • Targeted programmes (e.g. funding targeted at particular groups)

For more information on these types of school resources, see pages 15-16 of the Design and Implementation Plan, available in English or Français. For a visual analysis of resource use in schools, see the Conceptual Framework: English / Français.


Key issues for analysis

In considering the best policies to ensure that school resources are effectively used to improve student outcomes, the Review is concentrating on four key issues for analysis: 

Governing resource use in schools

  • Level of resources
  • Sources of revenue
  • Links to school system governance
  • Planning of resource use
  • Implementation of policies

Resource distribution

  • Across resource types, levels and sectors of education, levels of administration, individual schools, specific student groups
  • Distribution of teacher resources
  • Distribution of school leadership resources
  • Distribution of school facilities and materials

Resource utilisation

  • Matching to student needs
  • Student learning time
  • Allocation of teacher and school leader resources to students
  • Teaching and learning environment
  • Use of facilities
  • Organisation of education governance

Resource management

  • Capacity building for resource management
  • Monitoring of resource use
  • Transparency and reporting
  • Incentives for efficiency

For further information on these areas, please see the Thematic Modules:  / Français.


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