Early childhood and schools

Schooling for Tomorrow: Building and Completing the Toolbox


Phase One (to February 2003)
National and international reflection involving a small number of volunteer "inner-core" participating countries and the OECD. This has now begun, with dialogue using the OECD scenarios and focusing on a number of "laboratory of change" initiatives.

Phase Two (12-14 February 2003)
A Forum on Schooling for Tomorrow to which all OECD countries have been invited. This will take place in Poitiers, France to reflect on the lessons so far drawn from the above collaboration, as well as the analytical work operationalising the schooling scenarios.

Phase Three (2003)
Intensive dialogue and activity within each country on forward-looking educational reform and the "laboratory of change" initiatives, and reflective collaboration between them. There will be a first compilation of the "toolbox" in this phase, followed by a further International Forum.

Phase Four (2004)
Finalisation of the "toolbox" of forward-looking and innovation strategies based on Phases 1-3. A major concluding Forum, end 2004/beginning 2005.

Operational Toolbox for Innovation, Forward-thinking and School System Change - Proceedings of three volunteer systems (Restricted Access)


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