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National Report - Abstract
National Report

PISA 2000 und PISA 2003: Vertiefende Analysen und Beiträge zur Methodik. Graz. ISBN 3-7011-7569-1 by Erich Neuwirth, Wilfried Grossmann, Ivo Ponocny (Hrsg.) (2006) describes modifications (agreed to by the OECD) to the PISA 2000 data to reproduce the Austrian PISA target population more accurately.  These modified weights have been included in the official PISA 2000 data files available from the PISA 2000 database web site The book also presents some additional minor modifications to the Austrian and international data for PISA 2003. For the first time the Austrian modifications for PISA 2000 have been presented in the Education Working Paper No. 5 “PISA 2000: Sample Weight Problems in Austria". The data files with these modifications can be downloaded from the home page of the Austrian Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture The files contain some modified PISA variables and additional variables.

Overview of the PISA 2003 results: Flemish Community (in English)

 Czech Republic

Extract from the Norwegian report from PISA 2003 (in English)



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