Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA)

PISA 2003 data analysis manuals for SAS and SPSS users


An essential tool for researchers, providing all the information required to understand the PISA 2003 database and perform analyses in accordance with the complex methodologies used to collect and process the data. It includes detailed information on how to analyse the PISA 2003 data, enabling researchers to both reproduce the initial results and to undertake further analyses. The publication includes:

  • Introductory chapters explaining the statistical theories and concepts required to analyse the PISA data, including full chapters on how to apply replicate weights and undertake analyses using plausible values;
  • Worked examples providing full syntax in SAS® and SPSS®; and
  • Comprehensive description of the OECD PISA 2003 international database.

The PISA 2003 database comprises micro-level data on student performance for 41 countries collected in 2003, together with students’ responses to the PISA 2003 questionnaires and the test questions. It can be downloaded from

Download the SPSS manualDownload the SPSS manual

Download the SAS manual


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