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March 26

Skills for Creativity and Decision Making

Reviewing the past

What does “revitalizing” Tohoku mean? Let’s learn from the past!  

  Mr. Koji Mitani
March 27

Tohoku Kenmin-Show! Let’s think about strengths of Tohoku!    

Mr. Akira Ikegami
   My future, the future of Tohoku, and Japan   Mr. Edmund Lim  

Let’s create a “DOME” and draw our future forecast map!   

Mr. Michiyoshi Isozaki
 March 28

Let’s think about “Tohoku Brand”!

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Mr. Gad Weil 

Virtual Trip to Paris! Where would be the best venue to appeal the “creative recovery” of Tohoku?

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Mr. Gad Weil 

How shall we appeal it? To whom?

Mr. Taisei Nagi 
March 29

Vision and strategy to accomplish our mission!

Mr. Kazunari Uchida

Let’s make an action plan in your team!

Mr. Kazunari Uchida 

How can we present our action plan? Let’s practice the presentation!

Mr. Kazunari Uchida 
March 30

Presentation by each team and feedback from the panel members

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