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Equity in Education Final comparative report


Final comparative report

The final comparative report No More Failures: Ten Steps to Equity in Education, published in September 2007, draws on analytical reports prepared by authorities in each country, country notes by OECD review teams and other relevant research. It brings together the different policies and strategies adopted across a number of OECD countries to target equity issues, seeks to raise awareness of the problem of inequity and provide a coherent set of policy levers for action. At the same time it is selective, in that it explores a number of particular issues emerging from reviews of the countries concerned in this exercise.

Because much existing OECD work on education bears on equity issues, this report makes use of the results of previous thematic reviews such as those on early childhood education, transition from school to work and adult learning, as well as the results of the various PISA studies. This report also draws from a paper commissioned for this review (Levin, 2003), which provides an in-depth conceptual discussion of equity and policy in education and reviews the outcome of a range of previous OECD work in the field.





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