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  • 16-May-2008


    Drivers for Reform Strategies – Learning and Innovation

    Keynote address by Angel Gurría, OECD Secretary-General, delivered at the Conference marking the 40th Anniversary of OECD’s Centre for Educational Research and Innovation (CERI) on “Learning in the 21st Century: Research, Innovation and Policy”.

  • 27-November-2007


    Education in Non-Member Economies

    Information page for the Directorate for Education's Programme on Co-operation with Non-member Economies

  • 18-April-2007

    English, , 57kb

    Roundtable on Developing University-Industry Technology Transfer, 12-13 October 2006, Tomsk, Russia - Summary

    Summary of a joint workshop sponsored by Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the U.S. Civilian Research and Development Foundation (CRDF), and Tomsk State University, and held in cooperation with the Russian Ministry of Science and Education and the Tomsk regional government.

  • 1-February-2007


  • 12-December-2006


    Social Outcomes of Learning

    This project, supported by 12 countries, aims to explore the causal links between education and major social domains such as health (mental and physical) and civic engagement.

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  • 23-October-2006


    Demand-Sensitive Schooling?: Evidence and Issues

    Many educational experts are identifying a shift from from supply-led systems towards systems which are more sensitive to demand. Whose demands should these be? What are they? How will schools recognize and cope with them? This book examines these questions and others.

  • 17-October-2006


    CERI - OECD Seminar on The future of higher education: the stakeholders’ perspective (Istanbul, Turkey, 22-23 June 2006)

    This seminar convened invited higher education stakeholders (government, local authorities, institutions, academics, students, business, civil society) from the OECD area to discuss their changing expectations about and roles in higher education.

  • 2-October-2006

    English, , 1,269kb

    Report: The World Bank, OECD and Nuffic International workshop on Cross-border higher education for capacity development

    Report: The World Bank, OECD and Nuffic International workshop on Cross-border higher education for capacity development

  • 2-August-2006


    Roundtable on Developing University-Industry Technology Transfer

    The OECD has been engaged, since 2002, in a series of activities to promote research in Russian universities and to improve the management of intellectual property in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Science.

  • 26-July-2006


    International OECD/Japan Seminar on “Futures Thinking for Education: Policy, Leadership and the Teaching Profession” (Hiroshima, Japan, 6-7 November 2006)

    This Seminar formed part of the core CERI work on futures thinking and the Schooling for Tomorrow project. The Seminar explored and developed as the over-arching seminar theme the connections between futures thinking, and governance, policy formulation and decision-making in education,

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