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Education Policy Outlook 2015: Making Reforms Happen

The Education Policy Outlook is designed to help education policy makers with reform choices. It addresses the need for improvement in education in a comparative manner, while taking into account the importance of national context. Through a review of different countries’ experiences in implementing education reform, the publication offers directions and strategies to facilitate future changes.

> The report has been launched during an international conference “Making Reforms Happen” hosted by the Department for Education (England) on 22-23 January in London.

> Follow the Education Policy Outlook and the inquiry @EduPolicyVoices and #OECDEPO.

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‌Two country profiles are now available for Canada and the United Kingdom. You can download free PDFs.
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Shared challenges in reforming education systems: are we getting it right? by Education Policy Outlook project leader Beatriz Pont, Senior Analyst of the Directorate for Education and Skills.
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Rather than prescribe actions, the OECD often prefers to show policy makers what everyone else is doing and how successful those initiatives have been. This is the aim of the Education Policy Outlook.

We offer policy makers easily accessible Profiles of countries' education systems, and the policies adopted to respond to their challenges and improve their results, that could inspire reforms internationally. The Education Policy Outlook offers a comparative review of trends and specific reforms across countries.

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