OECD Skills Outlook 2015

Youth, Skills and Employability

Published on May 27, 2015

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Young people around the world are struggling to enter the labour market. In some OECD countries, one in four 16-29 year-olds is neither employed nor in education or training. The OECD Skills Outlook 2015 shows how improving the employability of youth requires a comprehensive approach. While education , social, and labour market policies have key roles to play, co-ordination between public policies and the private sector is also crucial. The publication, which builds on the results of the 2012 Survey of Adult Skills (PIAAC) presented in the first edition of the Skills Outlook, also presents examples of successful policies in selected countries.

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English OECD Skills Outlook 2015 (Summary in English)
French Perspectives de l'OCDE sur les compétences 2015
Spanish Perspectivas de las competencias en la OCDE 2015
German OECD Skills Outlook 2015
Japanese OECD技能アウトルック2015
Italian Prospettive dell'OCSE sulle competenze 2015
Chinese 2015 年 OECD 技能展望
Czech Výhled OECD pro oblast dovedností 2015
Danish OECD's undersøgelse fra 2015 af unges færdigheder
Dutch OESO Vooruitzichten voor vaardigheden 2015
Estonian OECD oskuste prognoos 2015
Finnish OECD:n osaamiskatsaus 2015
Greek ΟΟΣΑ Προοπτικές για τις δεξιότητες 2015
Hebrew OECD סקירת מיומנויות 2015
Hungarian Az OECD készségekre vonatkozó 2015. évi elemzése
Icelandic Horfur í færnimálum innan OECD 2015
Korean 2014년 OECD 직업역랑 전망
Norwegian OECD Kompetanse og ferdigheter 2015
Polish Przegląd kwalifikacji, OECD 2015 r.
Portuguese Panorama das Competências da OCDE 2015
Russian Стратегия развития навыков ОЭСР 2015
Slovak OECD prieskum zručností 2015
Slovene Napovedi OECD glede znanj in spretnosti 2015
Swedish OECD:s kompetensöversikt 2015
Turkish OECD Vasıflılık 2015 Genel Görünümü


Foreword and Acknowledgements
Reader's Guide
Executive Summary
Designing a comprehensive strategy to foster young people's skills and employability
Trends in improving young people's education and skills
Policies towards improving young people's education and skills
Trends in integrating youth into the labour market
Policies towards integrating youth into the labour market
Trends in using young people's skills at work
Policies towards using young people's skills at work
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  • Governments must step up efforts to tackle youth unemployment



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