Innovation in education

Maintenance and renewal


Articles in  PEB Exchange  (formerly PEB Exchange):

  • High performance school buildings in Portugal: A life cycle perspective, December 2011.
  • Have all the costs of closing a school been considered?, August 2011.
  • Public school revitalisation in Detroit, July 2010.
  • OECD review of the secondary school modernisation programme in Portugal, March 2010.
  • Portugal's Secondary School Modernisation Programme, June 2009.
  • Guide to Maintaining Ventilation Systems in Schools, no. 60, June 2007.
  • All-day Schooling in Düsseldorf, Germany, no. 59, February 2007.
  • Ireland’s Refurbished St. John's Central College, no. 57, February 2006.
  • An Urban Renewal School Project in Italy, no. 56, October 2005.
  • Adapting Brazil's Schools for the Disabled, no. 53, October 2004.
  • An Industrial Building Converted into a Girls School in Australia, no. 50, October 2003.
  • "Seed Corn" Funds at Vocational and Technical Schools in Turkey, no. 48, February 2003.
  • Invention, Maintenance and Renewal of Urban Educational Facilities, no. 41, October 2000.

Programmes, presentations and reports:

  • Building Schools for the Future (BSF) is an investment programme which aims to rebuild or renew nearly every secondary school in England.

  • Presentations from the UEF/PEB/CAE symposium entitled "Invention, Maintenance and Renewal of Urban Educational Facilities: Global Challenges and Community Solutions" are available here. PEB co-hosted the event with UEF-21 (CEFPI Urban Educational Facilities Northeast Chapter) and the CAE (Committee on Architecture for Education of the American Institute of Architects) in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, on 30-31 October 1999.
  1. Modernising the Schools Infrastructure in England: Keynote talk, Slide show, Asset Management Plans, Main parts of AMPs
  2. Strategies for Managing Educational Facilities Infrastructure
  3. A Reality Check - Some Images - Real International Experience
  4. Impact of Education - Trends on School Design
  • "The Quality of School Facilities and their Maintenance": This report by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs (BMUK) on the quality of school buildings, facility management and maintenance is available here. The report summarises an international conference held in September 1998 in Austria. The 60 participants -- school building users, decision-makers and representatives from the building sector -- shared experiences from their countries and examined the influence of the built environment on student performance. For more information, contact the BMUK.


Book review:

A Foundation to Uphold: A Study of Facilities Conditions at U.S. Colleges and Universities, PEB Exchange no. 34, June 1998


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