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Articles in PEB Exchange:

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  • School Libraries in the Information Society, no. 38, October 1999 (excerpts from presentations made at the PEB seminar "Designing Schools for the Information Society: Libraries and Resource Centres", June 1999).
  • A Visit to Three Parisian School Libraries, no. 35, October 1998.

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  • Belgium: The Library of the ULB after Five Years in Use, no. 40, June 2000.
  • Libraries and Resource Centres for Tertiary Education, no. 34, June 1998

Experts' meeting report:

The full text of the final report of the PEB/IMHE Experts' Meeting on Libraries and Resource Centres for Tertiary Education is available here along with selected case studies. At the March 1998 meeting, an international group of architects, librarians, professors and institutional managers exchanged their experience and ideas regarding the impact of information technology and distance learning on the design and management of higher education libraries and resource centres. This document presents their principal conclusions and recommendations.

Libraries and Resource Centres for Tertiary Education: Final Report


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