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  • 26-January-2004


    Evaluating quality and user involvement

    Articles in CELE Exchange/PEB Exchange, book reviews and an online database.

  • 19-December-2003


    Measuring Knowledge Management in the Business Sector: First Steps

    Knowledge management involves any activity related to the capture, use and sharing of knowledge by an organisation. Evidence shows that these practices are being used more and more frequently and that their impact on innovation and other aspects of corporate performance is far from negligible. Today, there is a recognition of the need to understand and to measure the activity of knowledge management so that organisations can be more

  • 18-December-2003


    Disability in Higher Education

    Access to institutions of higher education is as important for disabled people as it is for non-disabled students, since it can offer them the same opportunities for employment, social inclusion and poverty alleviation. Furthermore, inclusive practices in schools also encourage the need for greater access in higher education. Increasing numbers of students with disabilities are now attending universities and there is growing interest

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  • 9-December-2003

    English, , 341kb

  • 9-December-2003

    Russian, , 340kb

  • 27-November-2003


    Lessons in danger - school safety and security, 12-14 November 2003, Paris, France

    Are governments doing enough to make sure school children are safe? This conference focused on safety and security risk assessment, crisis planning and management, and other approaches.

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  • 26-November-2003


    Special Education Needs

    The governments of OECD countries are collaborating to develop a better understanding of special education and how it can be developed to meet the needs of students with disabilities, learning difficulties and disadvantages.

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  • 20-November-2003


    Education Policy Analysis - 2003 Edition

    Improving the quality of education is a key policy objective in OECD countries. Major education reforms are underway around the world in response to demands to make lifelong learning opportunities available to all. Education Policy Analysis provides an opportunity to reflect on, and learn from, this rich international experience.

  • 21-October-2003


    Reviews of National Policies for Education - Tertiary Education in Switzerland

    OECD reviews of national education policies provide a well-established means for member countries to engage their peers in reviewing their country’s policies. This report was prepared at the invitation of the Swiss authorities. It is divided into two parts: a background report, prepared by the Swiss authorities, and the OECD examiners’ report. The Swiss university system is of a high international standard. It is complemented by a

  • 20-October-2003

    English, , 270kb

    Thematic Review on Adult Learning - Spain: Country Note

    The main purpose of the thematic review on adult learning is to understand adults’ access and participation in education and training and to enhance policies and approaches to increase incentives for adults to undertake learning activities in OECD countries.

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