Innovation in education

Facilities management and financing


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OECD (2010), Education at a Glance 2010, Paris. For statistics on capital expenditure in education for 30 OECD and 14 non-OECD countries, see Indicator B6, "On what services and resources is education funding spent?", Table 6.2b. Capital expenditure is expressed as a percentage of total educational expenditure, i.e. capital and current. It is defined by the OECD as "spending on assets that last longer than one year and include spending on the construction, renovation and repair of buildings". There is no further breakdown of capital expenditure. Current expenditure is defined as "spending on school resources used each year for the operation of schools", which is broken down into "compensation of teachers", "compensation to other staff" and "other", which could include maintenance of school buildings; there is no breakdown for "other". See also the OECD Education Database  to download the underlying data, including data from previous years, by level of education and type of institution (public vs private). Click on "Expenditure by nature and resource category".


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Case studies:

Tweedale, Robyn (2002), "Integration of Information Technology and Physical Asset Planning an Management: A Case Study of Queensland University of Technology", Commonwealth of Australia.


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