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Coming events

15-20 January 2010 – "Local Environment and Global Culture: Educational Spaces in Overpopulated Cities", International Union of Architects seminar in Mumbai, India, with a study trip to Goa, contact Prof. Sumant Wandrekar:

25-29 September 2011 – International Union of Architect’s world congress in Tokyo, Japan,


Past events


23-25 October 2009 – “AIA Designing Learning Environments to Rebuild Urban America” in New York City. This event will convene architects, design professionals, researchers, and educators to examine strategies for creating inspiring learning environments. New York City schools will be our living laboratory to examine history, trends, and innovations – both in construction and in educational theory and practice. School tours will further inform our findings and help to foster a continuing dialogue. Website: Contact: Jessica Pearce


6-8 September 2008 - "Architecture for the Future", an Italian-Finnish architectural tour and seminar in Helsinki, Finland, organised by the Finnish Association of Architects and the Istituto Italiano di Cultura Finlandia.

10-13 September 2008 - "Schools in a Flat World", a conference in Helsinki, Finland, that will explore educational design solutions ranging from a small Arctic high school to a 100,000-student university in India, organised by the AIA Committee on Architecture for Education. Guided tours will visit Helsinki schools that show how design and construction can improve and enhance the learning environment.


4-5 October 2007 – “Visualizing the Invisible”, an international seminar organised by the Union of International Architects Working Programme “Educational and Cultural Spaces” in Toronto, Canada, in conjuction with the CEFPI (Council of Educational Facility Planners International) annual conference,

20 November 2006 - Belgian conference on quality architecture for educational facilities.
As a first move towards renewing school buildings in Belgium’s Flemish Community, Flanders’ authorities brought together experts to help provide a conceptual framework for high-quality school architecture. At a conference held in Ghent on 20 November 2006, the international community contributed useful case studies, and presentations from Flanders demonstrated the importance of creating model projects.

25-29 September 2006 - “Fusion Architecture: Macau, a Learning Experience”.
This was the XVII International Seminar of the UIA Working Programme “Educational and Cultural Spaces”. The seminar focused on cultural and educational architecture in cities, and through the example of Macau debated Asian emerging cities as well as cities from other countries, with historical and modern background, with mixtures of cultures and co-existence of styles.

24-25 April 2006 - "The School of Tomorrow – Learning Environment, Pedagogy and Architecture".
The Finnish National Board of Education organised an international conference on the learning environment and its relation to pedagogy, student achievement and well-being at school, offering visits to local schools. The conference emphasised the importance of physical factors for schoolwork. How can we create innovative and inspiring learning environments now and in the future, what are the criteria for evaluating school buildings, and what kinds of demands does fast-developing information technology pose?

29 March-1 April 2006 - School Buildings and Student Performance in Developing Countries.
Is school building quality a luxury in places where merely finding learning spaces for children is a challenge in itself? In a context where the usual priority is simply to provide basic schooling, should one be concerned with how buildings look, function and are used by students and teachers? These questions were addressed at the “12th Architecture & Behaviour Colloquium” which focused on the relevance of buildings to students’ learning performance in developing countries.




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