Centre for Effective Learning Environments (CELE)

The FDE, São Paulo, Brazil joins CELE


The OECD Centre for Effective Learning Environments is pleased to welcome the Foundation for the Development of Education (FDE), São Paulo, Brazil, as its latest Associate Participant.

The FDE works in association with the State Department of Education in São Paulo, Brazil, and with other partners. Its mission is to:

  • develop educational methodology
  • empower professionals
  • provide material destined to improve teaching and learning processes and professional education and training
  • provide physical resources for educational facilities.

FDE is particularly active in the following domains:

  • Pedagogy: FDE plans, prepares and develops projects designed to improve the quality of teaching; it distributes textbooks and other didactic literature to public facilities statewide.
  • Construction: Over the last 23 years, it has facilitated the construction of more than 800 new school buildings, enlarged a further 2 000 facilities and renovated about 3 000. It aims to add a further 15 000 classrooms to the state’s existing pool.
  • Infrastructure: FDE is working on guidelines for environmental certification (green buildings) and seeking to improve concepts, methods and techniques for evaluating educational spaces. FDE provides all the schools’ furniture on the basis of ergonomic measurements.
  • Society: FDE develops social responsibility programmes aimed at strengthening communities.
    Currently FDE is developing projects for a network of some 5 400 schools, involving some five million students in 645 cities in the State of São Paulo. It shares it experience with other state institutions and bodies within the Brazilian Federation.

The State of São Paulo, in south-east Brazil, has a population of over 41 million and measures 248 209 km². Visit FDE’s website at http://www.fde.sp.gov.br/.



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