Centre for Effective Learning Environments (CELE)

OECD experts on evaluation hold their first meeting


The OECD Group of National Experts on Education Facilities Evaluation will meet for the first time at the OECD Headquarters in Paris on 30-31 March 2009.


The Group, whose mandate was formally approved by the OECD’s governing council in 2008 (see PEB Exchange, June 2008), is composed of nominated representatives from member countries and non-member economies. It aims to helps countries improve their physical learning environments by providing information and tools to better manage (1) the process by which educational facilities are procured and managed, (2) the planning, design and construction of those facilities, and (3) the performance of the buildings to meet current and future user needs.


At the meeting, CELE will present its ongoing work in this area, including the International Pilot Study on the Evaluation of the Quality of Educational Spaces; the joint Project on Development Strategy for Investments in Educational Facilities with the European Investment Bank; the project on usability and sustainability of learning environments; and audio-visual case studies about students’ and teachers’ use of school and university buildings.


The national experts will provide guidance on these activities and report on work related to evaluating educational facilities in their respective countries.


On the second day of the meeting, a workshop on assessing the impact of the financial and economic crises on education facilities will take place. The objective of the workshop is to explore the issues and exchange information and ideas on how countries are meeting the challenges. A CELE survey on this topic is currently underway.


For more information, contact Hannah.vonahlefeld@oecd.org.


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