Centre for Effective Learning Environments (CELE)

New school design panel in the United Kingdom


The UK Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE) will establish a new panel to help local authorities deliver well-designed schools. The new panel will consider the designs from every construction team bidding to build or refurbish secondary schools. The CABE panel will assess their proposals and provide an evaluation to each local authority. CABE will also provide expert support and advice to local authorities leading up to the assessment.

The Department for Education and Skills will provide CABE up to GBP 2 million over two years for this project. CABE is the government’s advisor on architecture, urban design and public space.

This initiative is part of the government programme Building Schools for the Future whose aim is to rebuild or renew every secondary school in England. Over the next six years, 600 new or refurbished schools are planned by 50 local authorities.

According to CABE chair John Sorrell, “This new initiative will result in inspiring places that will transform the way teachers teach and children learn. All the evidence shows that well-designed schools lead to higher motivation and educational attainment.”

For more information, visit www.cabe.org.uk/default.aspx?contentitemid=1707.


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