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  • 1-April-2001


    Designs for Learning - 55 Exemplary Educational Facilities

    This book is a compilation devoted to high quality school and university buildings from 21 countries. Full-colour photographs and plans illustrate the 55 educational facilities selected by an international jury in recognition of their forward-loo...

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  • 1-February-2001

    English, , 1,399kb

    Programme on Education Building journal: PEB Exchange No. 42 - February 2001

    Articles: Learning through Landscapes; School Design and Management: Three Examples from France; Towards a Learning Society: LETA 2000 - Feature; The Multifunctional Digital Centre: A Concept for Developing Countries in the Electronic Age; Schools for the 21st Century: Are You Ready?; The Role of Principals in Environmental School Development; Learning and the Physical Environment: The Nordic Network for the Development of Tomorrow's

  • 1-October-2000

    English, , 1,002kb

    Programme on Education Building journal: PEB Exchange No. 41 - October 2000

    Articles: City Learning Centres for the 21st Century (United Kingdom); School Premises and Violence; Invention, Maintenance and Renewal of Urban Educational Facilities; New Technology and Education in Finland; The Science Resource Area in the State-of-the-Art High School (USA).

  • 1-June-2000

    English, , 1,128kb

    Programme on Education Building journal: PEB Exchange No. 40 - June 2000

    Articles: New York's School for the Physical City: Architectural Design Concerns; The Library of the Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium; The Changing Infrastructure of Tertiary Education - Feature; Debate: Wired Versus Wireless; Book Review: Raising Standards: Opening Doors produced by the DfEE, United Kingdom

  • 1-February-2000


    The Appraisal of Investments in Educational Facilities:

    The appraisal of the substantial investments which are made in educational facilities remains a largely unexplored field of research. Is it possible to develop reliable and effective criteria for evaluation, given the wide range of parameters fro...

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  • 1-February-2000

    English, , 1,454kb

    Programme on Education Building journal: PEB Exchange No. 39 - February 2000

    Articles: Providing for Disabled Students: University of Grenoble, France; Designing Schools for the Information Society: Libraries and Resource Centres; Turkey's Basic Education Programme; Improving the Performance of the Higher Education Estate: UK Research; Useful Web Sites for Tertiary Education; Book Reviews: Violence ordinaire by Michel Vuille and Dominique Gros, and NSTA Guide to School Science Facilities by James T. Biehle,

  • 30-October-1999


  • 25-October-1999


  • 6-October-1999


    Strategic Asset Management for Tertiary Institutions

    Universities and other tertiary institutions maintain buildings, sites and communications infrastructure worth many millions of dollars. A more strategic approach to asset management is essential for success in a new environment, where tertiary e...

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  • 1-October-1999

    English, , 414kb

    Programme on Education Building journal: PEB Exchange No. 38 - October 1999

    Articles: Editorial - Evaluating Educational Facilities; Award-Winning Use of Glass at the University of Nantes, France; The School 2001 Project in Pendao, Portugal; Austria's Training Firms; School Libraries in the Information Society - Feature; An Update on Asset Management Plans in the United Kingdom; Energy Performance Contracts for the Quebec School System; Space Utilisation at the University of Sydney, Australia

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