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What is LEEP?

The Learning Environments Evaluation Programme (LEEP) aims to produce instruments and analysis that inform school leaders, researchers, policymakers and others about how investments in learning environments, including the physical learning environment, translate into improved education, health, social and well-being outcomes, leading to more efficient use of education resources.

The work of LEEP seeks to broaden and re-focus the work previously covered by the OECD Centre for Effective Learning Environments (CELE) by examining the relationship between a range of policy levers that shape the learning environment and educational and other outcomes.

LEEP is overseen by the OECD Group of National Experts on Effective Learning Environments (GNE), which is composed of experts in effective learning environments who are nominated by OECD delegations with the support of national or sub-national ministries of education. Click here for a list of current GNE members.

Why join LEEP?

  • Join a peer network and share information: benefit from LEEP’s interdisciplinary approach and the expertise of our members who include educators, designers, policymakers and researchers.
  • Access tools and methodology for improving the  efficiency and effectiveness of (physical) resource use; and learn from the outcomes of the LEEP reviews.
  • Contribute to the LEEP programme of work in annual meetings of its Group of National Experts (GNE) in Paris, thereby helping to shape the evidence base and influence the research agenda for building effective learning environments and links to improving education and other outcomes. In addition, delegates are encouraged to present news from their own countries and to bring proposals for new work to the table, such as suggestions or proposals for international conferences, research projects, data collections and other activities.
  • Profit from reduced registration fees to attend conferences and workshops organised by LEEP. (Read more...)
  • Obtain free copies of published reports.

Who can join LEEP?

The Group is composed of experts in the field of learning environments, including physical learning environments. Participation is open to OECD Members and other partners. The World Bank, Council of Europe Development Bank, European Investment Bank, UNESCO and UNICEF may also attend meetings of the Group as observers.

To find out more about becoming a member of LEEP, please contact Julie VELISSARATOU e-mail: julie.velissaratou[@]oecd.org.


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