Centre for Effective Learning Environments (CELE)

Future Learning Environments


In what sort of spaces will students be learning tomorrow? The seminar “Future Learning Environments – How Space Impacts on Learning” set out to explore the question. It was held on 3-5 June at the Nobel Forum in the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden.


While the theme of the seminar was learning environments for higher education, it also addressed healthcare learning environments and was principally concerned with inter-professional learning.


The event consisted of three days of presentations and group discussions. The principal concern was how space and the design of facilities impact on education activities, and how to evaluate and measure this impact. Many of the themes were familiar, although placing them in the specific context of healthcare education enabled more focused discussion about the qualities that learning environments need to address. One issue that came up was the role of online education and the extent to which it may affect the provision of space, and how in the immediate future policy makers need to address this. There was no answer to this question, since much of healthcare education happens within the working healthcare environment and the issue is slightly different than that of more traditional higher education courses. The seminar also raised the link between learning environments and workplace environments, both in terms of facilities and, in more general terms, about how learning happens in different types of place.


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