Centre for Effective Learning Environments (CELE)

Compendium selection process


The selection process


Initially, CELE Board of Participants’ members, associate members and OECD delegations were asked to identify outstanding facilities in their respective countries and to send nominations to the CELE Secretariat. Subsequently, in order to make the Compendium as rich and representative as possible, the CELE Secretariat encouraged clients, architects and schools to make direct submissions.


In all, 166 submissions were submitted and reviewed by an international jury. The jury members met in August 2010 and, after in-depth discussions on the submission' respective merits, identified a set of winners. Read more about the selection process itself and the composition of the jury: click here.


The results were made public at the OECD meeting of Education Ministers, 4-5 November 2010.

OECD Deputy Secretary-General Aart de Geus announced six outstanding examples of school and university buildings to education ministers. “No one can doubt that the quality of the physical learning environment contributes to the overall quality of education”, said Aart de Geus. “School and university buildings are places both for learning and for working and they must meet high standards.” 



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