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Compendium of Exemplary Educational Facilities: 3rd Edition


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ISBN: 9264022295
Pages: 177
Number of maps: 74
Number of photos: 270


The 3rd PEB Compendium features educational institutions from 20 countries selected by an international jury for their exemplary facilities. This work addresses how the design, use and management of physical infrastructure can contribute to the quality of education. With full-colour photographs, plans and descriptions, the Compendium focuses on the functionality of 65 recently completed or refurbished buildings or grounds, chosen for their innovation in the areas of safety, sustainability, alternative financing, community needs and flexibility. In addition to schools and universities, this third edition of the Compendium covers pre-schools and gives special attention to how effectively the facilities meet the needs of their users: students, teachers, parents and the community at large.


Table of contents


Chapter One: Special Mentions

Chapter Two: Multiple Levels

Chapter Three: Pre-primary and Primary Level

Chapter Four: Secondary Level

Chapter Five: Tertiary Level

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  • Index of criteria by institution

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