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Chinese disaster & OECD work on earthquakes and schools


OECD – Paris, 19 May 2008


Note to journalists:


As relief efforts continue following the devastation caused by the recent earthquake in Sichuan, one aspect of the disaster that has caught public attention is the collapse of schools.


Earthquake risks for schools and how best to counter them have been a subject of study and international co-operation at OECD for some years (see www.oecd.org/edu/schoolsafety).


You can find out more about OECD recommendations for steps that governments can take in favour of school seismic safety in the OECD publication "Keeping Schools Safe in Earthquakes".


For further information, you can contact Hannah v. Ahlefeld, in OECD's Education Management and Infrastructure Division / Programme on Educational Building (Tel: +33 1 45 24 96 70 on Monday and Thursday; +33 1 43 97 27 07 on Tuesday and Wednesday).



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