Centre for Effective Learning Environments (CELE)

CELE/World Bank workshop on facilities for young children in Moscow


From 30 May to 1 June 2012, CELE teamed up with the World Bank to organise a workshop on the topic of modern, integrated and cost- and energy-efficient facilities for young children titled “Ready, Steady, Go! Inspiring Design of Learning Environments for Early Childhood Education and Care”.


The objectives of this workshop were to explore current research on linkages between quality of facilities and developmental outcomes of young children; case studies of exemplary early childhood education and care facilities; and examples of national and regional frameworks relating to their design and construction.

International experts from Australia, Denmark, Japan, Netherlands, Norway and the UK attended, as well as 120 educators, engineers, architects and planners from regional educational authorities in Russia, more especially from Moscow and the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Russia.


The plenary session showcased examples of good practice in kindergarten design in the context of the varied policy, pedagogical and regulatory frameworks in different countries, including Russia. Inspired by visits to two kindergartens in the Moscow area, four working groups explored topics related to the innovative and cost-efficient solutions for Russian kindergartens as regards i) transforming existing educational spaces through design, ii) engineering in severe climates (in Yakutia), iii) education provision (including physical facilities) for nomadic populations (in Yakutia), and iv) efficient utilisation of existing educational spaces by teachers.


Click here to download the agenda and conclusionsfrom the workshops, or contact Hannah.vonAhlefeld@oecd.org for further information.

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