Centre for Effective Learning Environments (CELE)

CELE/World Bank workshop in Moscow: “Ready, Steady, Go!: Inspiring Design of Learning Environments for Early Childhood Education and Care”


The provision of quality early childhood education and care (ECEC) has remained firmly on government agendas in recent years. OECD’s seminal work on ECEC, “Starting Strong”, has highlighted key policies and practices that can enhance investment in high-quality early childhood education and care.


From 31 May – 1 June 2012, CELE, in co-operation with the World Bank, Government of Sakha Republic (Yakutia), National Ministry of Education and Moscow City Government, is organising a two-day workshop on the topic of modern, integrated, cost- and energy-efficient facilities for young children.

It will address the following themes:

  • Current research on linkages between design and quality of facilities, and developmental outcomes of young children.
  • Examples of exemplary completed projects, projects under development or ECEC facilities in use.
  • Examples of national and regional frameworks and legislation on the design and construction of facilities for ECEC.


The workshop is open to early childhood professionals, school leaders, administrators and managers; local businesses engaged in the delivery of education services; policy makers at the national, regional and local levels; architects and other professionals engaged in the provision of school facilities; and researchers.

For further information, contact Hannah.vonAhlefeld@oecd.org.

For further information about the renovation of early childhood facilities in Yakutia, see the CELE Exchange article “Enhancing the early childhood development system in Yakutia (Russia): meeting the challenges”.



 Photo: Tigran Shmis; © World Bank



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