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About the Agency for School Infrastructure (AGIOn), Belgium Flanders


School in Flanders
Gemeentelijke Basisschool Dijkstein, Sint Katelijne Waver, near Antwerp in Flanders



Mr. Jean ELIAERTS    
Administrator General      
Agency for Schoolinfrastructure (AGIOn)
Ellipsgebouw, Koning Albert II - laan 35 bus 75,
Brussels 1030
Web site: www.agion.be

Agency for Schoolinfrastructure (AGIOn)
Ellipsgebouw, Koning Albert II - laan 35 bus 75,
Brussels 1030

Senior Assistant for Knowledge Management and Monitoring
Agency for Schoolinfrastructure (AGIOn)
Ellipsgebouw, Koning Albert II - laan 35 bus 75,
Brussels 1030

Roles and responsibilities

The Agency for School Infrastructure (AGIOn) is a public institution (Flemish government of Belgium) under the supervision of the Flemish Minister of Education, currently Mr. Pascal Smet. The responsibilities of AGIOn are:

  • Subsidising the purchase, construction and renovation of school buildings, both for the public (communities and cities) and for the private (mostly Catholic schools) education sector;
  • Knowledge management, information and advice in school building planning and design. AGIOn advises schools, runs a knowledge centre, writes publications and websites, and informs policy makers about school building issues; and
  • Providing guidance, advice and monitoring of 160 PPP-projects through DBFM and the payment of DBFM allowances.

Main areas of policy and research interest

  • Sustainable building, passive schools and energy efficiency;
  • Community schools and multifunctional use of school buildings;
  • Accessibility and universal design;
  • Innovative learning environments (ICT);
  • PPP in school buildings;
  • Modular system buildings;
  • Capacity and pupil enrolment projections;
  • Governance of school buildings; and
  • Monitoring, needs assessment and policy evaluation.


Exemplary facilities and good practice in educational facilities investment

Click here to access educational facilities featured and/or submitted to the OECD Compendium of Exemplary Educational Facilities, in addition to guidelines, policy and research documents and other relevant information on Belgium.


Why join the Group of National Experts on Effective Learning Environments (GNE)? AGIOn says:

"AGIOn believes in international co-operation and exchange of ideas in educational facilities planning and design. Our agency functions in a decentralised educational landscape where schools have far reaching autonomy in school construction. It is our mission to support the school boards in creating effective, sustainable and functional school buildings that meet both the ambitions of the school and societal challenges. We think that LEEP can strengthen our knowledge base to fulfil that mission."


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