Centre for Effective Learning Environments (CELE)

About the Centre for Educational Innovation and Experimentation, Milan...



Hall and central stairs of "Falcone" Vocational School ", Gallarate, Province of Varese, Italy


Giorgio Ponti
Area Coordinator
Centre for Educational Innovation and Experimentation Milan (Cisem)
Via L. Soderini, 24
20146 Milan
Web site: www.cisem.it


Roles and responsibilities

The main aim of Cisem is to support activities relating to education infrastructure, including vocational training facilities, in all local authorities in Italy, and in particular the Province of Milan. The role of Cisem is to:

  • Undertake data collections, develop projects and share good practices in educational facilities for secondary education and vocational training institutes in local authorities and regions in Italy;
  • Organise conferences on current issues in education facilities;
  • Offer consulting, training and retraining courses on educational facilities; and
  • Organise seminars and disseminate publications on the vocational education and training-related topics relevant to local authorities.


Main areas of policy and research interest

  • Educational facilities research, nationally and internationally; and
  • Statistics and data on the characteristics and quality of national and local edication facilities; and
  • Examples of good practice in educational facilities investment.

Click here to access more than educational facilities featured and/or submitted to the OECD Compendium of Exemplary Educational Facilities, in addition to guidelines, policy and research documents and other relevant information on Italy.


Latest news...

Cisem is involved in a meta-project on Innovative Intelligent Educational Facilities (IEF) for new investments for educational facilities in the Provinces of Trento and Milan.


Why join the Group of National Experts on Effective Learning Environments (GNE)? Cisem says:

"Because it’s essential to stimulate in right way the improvement of quality in educational facilities through the new guidelines of design and  management."

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