Centre for Effective Learning Environments (CELE)

3rd Compendium of Exemplary Educational Facilities: Update


Quality architecture, equipment and grounds can improve the quality of education and increase community involvement, while providing a flexible, sustainable and safe learning environment, even when funding is scarce. This is what the PEB Compendium of Exemplary Educational Facilities: 3rd Edition aims to demonstrate through examples from 20 countries.


The English edition was published and launched in June 2006. It was announced at a conference organised by the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada on 14-17 June 2006 in Vancouver. A launch event was also hosted by School Works at its summit in London on 19 June 2006, with support from the United Kingdom’s Department for Education and Skills. A bilingual international exhibition will follow.

The PEB Compendium presents 65 recently built or renovated spaces with full-colour photographs, plans and descriptions. The institutions featured cover all levels of education – from pre-school through tertiary – and exemplify innovation in the areas of safety, sustainability, alternative financing, community needs and flexibility


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