Why should you join the third round of OECD reviews?



Benefits for the HEIs


  • Increased enrolments from the local population
  • Improved local funding and partnership opportunities for both research and teaching
  • Additional income from services provided to local businesses through consultancy and professional training
  • Increased social capital support
  • Resource-sharing opportunities

Benefits for Cities and regions


  • Generation of tax and other revenues
  • Global gateways to attract inward investments
  • New businesses generated by the higher education staff and graduates
  • Advice and expertise
  • Enhanced local human capital through graduate retention, professional continuing education and lifelong learning
  • Content and audience for local cultural programmes



Testimonials from HEIs

(from the 1st round of reviews, 2005-2007)

  • 'The OECD review made us understand the importance to link up with the region, both government and the business sector and to enhance existing partnerships within the region.’
  • ‘The project has really made difference to work with this subject in our university. Now the university has an ownership in the regional collaboration within the university administration and in some faculties. The university has deepened its roots to the region even more strongly. The HEIs have launched a Central HEIs Forum to intensify strategy planning and also carry on the work of the steering group of OECD/IMHE-project.’
  • ‘The OECD review helped us to clarify the role of the University in regional development, to understand roles of different actors, to position ourselves nationally and internationally and to build our self-confidence.’

 Testimonials from cities and regions

(from the 1st round of reviews, 2005-2007)

  • ‘The OECD review has shed light on the issue of innovation. Our university is a distinct resource in the knowledge economy to build sustainable competitiveness.’
  • ‘The project has collected the most important regional players around the same table and has opened every regional player’s eyes that something has to be done to be competitive.’
  • ‘The OECD review has become a joint reference document for all stakeholders in the region and is used as input in the ongoing regional strategy process.’
  • ‘The biggest benefit for our region was to participate with 13 other regions and share experiences and knowledge under the auspices of the OECD. Already the flow on impact for us has been significant.’
  • ’The Peer Review Report was useful as it highlighted the key issues. Learning about best practices has also been helpful.’



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