Review of Higher Education Institutions in Regional Development 2008-10: The State of Paraná, Brazil


The OECD review report for Paraná is available here


The executive summary is available here


Paraná is one of the most prosperous states in Brazil and has invested in higher education, science and technology, and public-private partnerships. Its higher education scene is dominated by federal and state universities, but the private sector enrolls a much higher number of students, particularly from low socio-economic backgrounds. Faced with growing global competition, this publication explores how the higher education sector  in Paraná can promote business formation, develop the existing industry and small and medium-sized enterprises and address the long-term challenges of poverty and inequality.


The OECD Review of Higher Education in Regional Development in Northern Paraná was carried out in 2005-07.


Key issues in Paraná

  • Enhancing equity and access to higher education
  • Promoting links between HEIs and business and industry
  • Achieving a better balance between the provision of humanities and technology


More about the State of Paraná, its higher education institutions, and its HEIs' role in regional development


Regional Co-ordinator in Paraná

Cássio Frederico Camargo ROLIM
Depto. de Economia
Universidade Federal do Paraná
Av. Pref. Lothario Messner 632 Jardim Botânico
CEP 80210-170 Curitiba PR



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