Programme, Conference on Trends in the Management of Human Resources in Higher Education, 25 and 26 August 2005 at the OECD Headquarters in Paris


Thursday 25 August


8h30 Registration

9h30 - 11h00 (Room 1) Plenary Session 1

Chair: Richard Yelland, Head of Division, OECD/IMHE
Opening and welcome: Barry McGaw, Director, OECD Directorate for Education
Keynote address: The human resource challenge for higher education
Baroness Diana Warwick, Chief Executive, Universities UK 

Response: Ruth Dunkin, former Vice-Chancellor, RMIT University, Australia
Questions and discussion

11h00 - 11h30 Coffee

11h30 - 13h00 (Room 1) Plenary Session 2
Recruiting and retaining a new generation of academics

Chair: Kari Kjenndalen, Secretary General, Norwegian Association of Research Workers
Three introductions:
• Dagmar M. Meyer, Chair of the Marie Curie Fellowship Association, Göttingen, Germany 
• Jan Nolan,  Director of recruitment and retention initiatives, University of Victoria, Canada
• Sigi Gruber, Directorate General for Research, EU Commission, Brussels, Belgium

13h00 - 14h30 Lunch

14h30 - 16h00  Workshop Session I

Theme 1:  (Room 3) Staff development & Remuneration systems

Chair: Sveva Avveduto, Head of Section, National Research Council, Italy 
Introduction: Ines Fabbro, Director of Administration, University of Bologna, Italy
Short presentations:
Managing experts (T. Aarrevaara, Finland) 
Improving staff performance ( M. Oloriz & C. Fraga, Argentina) 
- Pay reform in Higher Education (J. Prudence, UK) 


Theme 2: (Room 1) Competence systems & Performance management

Chair: Jan-Erik Ögren, University Director, Umeå University, Sweden
Introduction: Michael Daxner, Professor, Univ. of Oldenburg, Germany
Short presentations:
- New job descriptions at the Univ. of Amsterdam (P. Blok, NL) 
Performance management: a chore or a cure? (T. Okafor, Nigeria)
Managing motivation and commitment (L. Strazzeri, Italy)


Theme 3: (Room 5) National capacity, competitiveness & scientific excellence

Chair: Stephen Egan, Director of Finance and Corporate Resources, HEFCE, United Kingdom
Introduction: Fiona Q. Wood, Professor, University of New England, Australia 
Short presentations:
- Academic work and HE administration (D. Mattheou & A. Saiti, Greece) 
- Performance management of South African academic staff (M. Mapesela & F. Strydom, South Africa)
- Leading the way: Training HE leaders (J. P. Merisotis, USA)

Theme 4: (Room 4) Career paths, opportunities and diversity

Chair: Malcolm D. Winton, Registrar and Secretary, University of Salford, United Kingdom
Introduction: Marie Strebler, IES, Brighton, UK: Equal opportunities and diversity for staff in Higher education
Short presentation:
- Developing an aptitude toward scientific diffusion and education (M. Arata, Italy) 
Theme 5: Following-up on employment and developing career tracks

Chair: Marc De Clercq, Vice-Rector, Universiteit Gent, Belgium
Introduction: Torben Holm,  Head of Secretariat, Rectors’ Conference of the Danish Ministry of Culture: Educating to employment
Short presentations:
- New career profiles for researchers (C. Bréchot, France)
Evolution in career structures – adaptations and problems (T. Strike, UK) 
16h00 - 16h30 Coffee

16h30 - 18h00 Plenary Session 3
(Room 1) Why bother with management?

Chair: Dietmar Ertmann, Dr.,  Chancellor, University of Karlsruhe, Germany
     -  Negotiating for future labour relations
Drs. Hugo Levie, Chief negotiator, Association of Dutch Universities, The Hague, Netherlands 
 -  Stimulating productivity of staff
José-Ginés Mora, Director, Centre for Higher Education Management, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain   
Can professionals from the corporate world succeed as managers in higher education?
Polly Price, former Chief Human Resources Officer at Harvard University, USA 
20h00 Dinner: Chez Clément,  9 Place St André des Arts,  75006 Paris


Friday 26 August 

9h00 – 10h30 Plenary Session 4 (Room 1) 

A word from the IMHE President, Marijk van der Wende, Prof. , Senior Researcher, CHEPS, Universiteit Twente, Netherlands

Managing ethical issues
Chair: Ruth Dunkin, Former President, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia
Göran Bexell, Rector, University of Lund, Sweden
Panel discussion:
Gerrit de Jager, Director, HBO-Raad, The Hague, Netherlands
Michael Kelleher, Secretary and Bursar, Univ. College Cork, Ireland

10h30 – 11h00 Coffee

11h00 – 12h30  Workshop Session II

Theme 6:  (Room 3) Evaluation systems, staff relations and intellectual capital

Chair: Öktem Vardar, Vice President, Isik University, Istanbul, Turkey
Taro Mochizuki, Associate Professor and Satoshi Ogihara, Professor, Osaka University, Japan: Teaching evaluation in search of better staffing in university education - A case study of gender disparity in a Japanese research-centered university
Short presentations:
- The general management learning process (P. Resende da Silva, Portugal)
- Measuring the Intellectual Capital of a university (Amir J. Fazlagic, Poland)
- Academic performance management (Fatma Onat, Sabanci University, Turkey)


Theme 7: (Room 4) Brain drain and brain gain: the challenges of internationalisation

Chair: Fiona Q. Wood, Dr., University of New England, Australia
Sveva Avveduto, National Research Council, Rome, Italy 
Short presentations:
Australian brain drain – fact or fiction? (I. Dobson, Australia) PowerPoint presentation
- The challenge of diversity management (L. Strazzeri, Italy) 
- The “gain-drain” dynamic, cultural change and internationalisation (E. Thomas, UK)


Theme 8 : (Room 5) Manpower planning, renewal and downsizing

Chair: Kari Suokko, Head of Administration, University of Helsinki, Finland
IntroductionPlanning of staff numbers and downsizing in a human way.  Mats Ola Ottosson, University Director, Uppsala, Sweden
Short presentations:
Unintended consequences of new measures (R. Grediaga Kuri, Mexico) 

- The growing role of non-academic staff (S. Yamamoto, Japan)

Theme 9: (Room 9) Developing the leadership and improving the organisation

Chair: Jamie Merisotis, President, IHEP, United States
Introduction: Professional formation of HE teachers (P. Knight, UK) 
Short presentations:
- Emerging demand for art managers (A. Gushan, Turkey)  

- Quality-driven initiatives in HE (F. Hee Tie, Malaysia) 

12h30 – 13h30 Lunch

13h30 – 15h00 Plenary Session 5 (Room 1) 
A new gender gap in management?

Chair: Richard Yelland, Head of Division, OECD/IMHE
Marjorie Paddock, Co-Director, Diversity and Workplace Equity, BMO Financial Group, Chicago, USA 
Closing address: 
Resolving conflicts in academic employment Peter West,  Secretary, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK


End of conference



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