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The OECD Higher Education Programme has an exciting new membership package.

This package is designed to assist members by providing data, evidence, policy insights and shared practices to better understand the evolving higher education landscape, identify main challenges, create more effective strategies and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

The products and services in the package provide even greater value to members of the Programme and is available exclusively to them.



‌‌Ongoing activities

Details of these workshops, exclusive to members of IMHE, can be found here.


  • Publications for IMHE members


Under this heading, IMHE arranges a series of international events on different aspects of institutional management. The events are designed to assist members of the Programme by reviewing current policy and practice and by disseminating examples of successful innovation. Information on past events can be found on the project website.

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Past activities

The OECD has carried out a feasibility study for the assessment of higher education learning outcomes. The purpose of this feasibility study was to see if it is practically and scientifically feasible to asses what students in higher education know and can do upon graduation. You will find the project's publications on its website.

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Higher education institutions make a significant contribution to economic, social and cultural development in their regions. In 2004-07, OECD conducted a review of higher education in 14 regions in 12 countries that resulted in recommendations for HEIs, as well as for national and regions governments. In 2008-11 the OECD conducted Reviews of Higher Education in Regional and City Development in 14 regions within the OECD, as well as emerging economies. The third round of reviews is now complete, with a final report in 2013. All other reports ar available on the project website.


The IHERD Programme comprises two sub-Programmes: i) research and innovation policy; and ii) higher education governance and institutional management. The OECD Programme on Higher Education and Research for Development (IHERD) is supported by a four-year voluntary contribution from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). 


This project examined how the increasingly global nature of higher education is changing the ways in which institutions view their role and mission, and how that affects the way they work. The guide for higher education institutions can be found here.


The project on quality teaching in higher education is designed to highlighted effective quality initiatives and mechanisms and to encouraged reflection or practices that may help institutions to improve the quality of their teaching and thereby, the quality of their graduates. The project had 2 phases: an overview based on initiatives taken by 29 institutions and an exploration of approaches to quality teaching at institutional level. This project has produced two publications - you can find the latest one, a guide for higher education institutions, here. A workshop on this topic will be organised in 2013.


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