Higher Education in the 21st Century – Diversity of Missions: Abstract by Josep M. Vilalta


Regional and Industry Partnerships in Catalonia: the Role of Catalan Universities in the Development of a Knowledge Based Society and Economy

Josep M. Vilalta, Executive Secretary, Catalonia Association of Public Universities (ACUP)

This paper has three main objectives:

1st. Analyse the role of universities in Catalonia (Spain) on the development of a knowledge-based society and economy. Catalonia has been historically and is still the most dynamic region within Spain, with a large industrial and service tradition. On last years, some governmental and societal initiatives are trying to developed the so called knowledge based society and economy, giving to higher education institutions and R+D organizations a central role.

The paper analyses the different institutional programmes and initiatives both from the government and from the university sector: Research and Innovation Plan for Catalonia, Competitiveness Social Agreement for Catalonia, Catalonia Bioregion, Innovation Technology Centers Network, Euroregion, Scientific and Technological Parks, Contract-programmes with universities, Development of Researchers career, Technological Centers, Research Centers;

2nd. Evaluate the positive and negative aspects on this strategy of putting universities in the centre of the Catalan knowledge based economy, analyzing good (and bad) practices, programmes and initiatives taken by governments, universities and other institutions on the territory;

3rd. Infer general conclusions from the Catalonia experience about the role of universities for promoting regional and industry partnerships and the triple helix strategy for a knowledge society, comparing the Catalonia strategy with some other regions.



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