Higher Education in the 21st Century – Diversity of Missions: Abstract by Gordon Freedman


Institutional Image and Differentiation

Gordon Freedman, Vice President of Education Strategy, Blackboard Inc.

Abstract for the conference ‘Higher Education in the 21st Century – Diversity of Missions’, 25-27 June, 2007, Dublin.
The ever quickening pace of the global economy is putting tremendous pressure on nations, institutions, and individuals to maintain currency in a fast changing world. The speed of communication, financial transactions, and knowledge accumulation make it increasingly difficult for higher education institutions to operate out of a traditional organizational model.

Gordon Freedman, Blackboard’s Vice President Education Strategy, stays in touch with developing trends in higher education, school education, and in government and state policy, research and practice. This presentation will outline the picture of North American higher education and K12 education realities. He will also talk about his current research for Blackboard’s upcoming Global Education white paper. Key to the global picture, Freedman believes, is an understanding of how to close the gap between national and state human capital needs necessary to operate successful modern economies and the ability for traditional institutions to service these needs. The North American higher education reports Freedman will report on can be found at www.blackboard.com/research.



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