Higher Education in Regions


Second round of reviews

Higher education institutions can make a significant contribution to regional economic, social and cultural development. With globalisation this role is growing in importance. Too often the potential for synergy is thwarted by failures of communication between regional stakeholders and HEIs, weak or unclear policy signals, and conflicting agendas in institutions.

In 2004-2007, IMHE, in collaboration with the OECD Public Governance and Territorial Development Directorate, conducted a comparative review of how these issues are addressed in OECD countries. 14 regions and their HEIs in 12 countries took part in this review which aimed to reinforce the partnerships between HEIs and regions. The final publication Higher Education and Regions – Globally Competitive, Locally Engaged gives recommendations to HEIs and national and regional authorities. It is available in English, French and Spanish. Further information available on this project.


The OECD has finished the recruitment of regions to be reviewed in 2009-2010. Up to 15 regions will be reviewed including City-Region of Amsterdam (Netherlands), Andalusia (Spain), City of Berlin (Germany), Bío Bío Region (Chile), Campinas Metropolitan Region (Brazil), Catalonia (Spain), the Galilee (Israel), Lombardy (Italy), the State of Paraná (Brazil), Paso del Norte Region (US-Mexico), the State of Penang (Malaysia), City-Region of Rotterdam (Netherlands), Southern Arizona (US), State of Veracruz (Mexico), and State of Victoria (Australia).

More information on this project

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