Higher education in regional and city development: Analytical focus and key questions


Analytical focus | Key questions
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Analytical focus

The OECD review follows a common structure in order to ensure comparability across regions/city-regions in different countries.

The reviews investigate:

  • The contribution of HEIs’ research to regional innovation
  • The role of teaching and learning in the development of human capital and skills
  • The contribution of HEIs to social, cultural and environmental development
  • The role of HEIs in building regional capacity to act in an increasingly competitive global economy


Key questions

  • What policies, practices and mechanisms promote mobilisation of higher education for regional and city development?
  • How to make reforms happen?
  • Which brings greater benefits to cities and regions:
    a high performing regionally focused HE system or a single world class university?
  • What is the impact of economic crisis to HEIs’ regional and local engagement?


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