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Governing Complex Education Systems - Working Papers


The Educational Roots of Trust - by Francesca Borgonovi and Tracey Burns
This paper examines the association between education and levels of interpersonal trust, using data from the OECD's Survey of Adult Skills (PIAAC). Also read the blog.

Steering from the Centre: New Modes of Governance in Multi-Level Education Systems - by Harald Wilkoszewski and Eli Sundby
This paper explores innovative governance strategies for the central level in education systems. It identifies core features of multilevel governance and introduces a simple analytical categorisation of modes of governance.

Trust: What it is and Why it matters for Education and Governance - by Lucie Cerna
Trust enables stakeholders to take risks, facilitates interactions and cooperation, and reduces the need for control and monitoring. Also read the blog.

The Simple, the Complicated, and the Complex: Educational Reform through the Lens of Complex Theory - by Sean Snyder
This paper explores complexity theory and its applications for educational reform. After discussing the key concepts of complex adaptive systems, the paper defines the differences between simple, complicated, and complex approaches to educational reform. 

Exploring the Complex Interaction Between Governance and Knowledge in Education - by Mihály Fazekas and Tracey Burns
This paper asks the question how governance and knowledge mutually constitute and impact each other in complex education systems.

Looking beyond the Numbers: Stakeholders and Multiple School Accountability - by Edith Hooge, Tracey Burns and Harald Wilkoszewski
This paper analyses trends in accountability mechanisms and processes and argues that regulatory and school performance accountability can be usefully augmented by involving multiple stakeholders. Also read the blog.   


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