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 Harnessing Spatial Thinking to Support STEM Learning
 Nora Newcombe, Temple University, USA

 This report reviews research showing that (a) spatial thinking and STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) learning are related, and (b) spatial thinking is  malleable. It evaluated two strategies for exploiting these findings in education.


Understanding Teachers' Pedagogical Knowledge - Report on an International Pilot Study

This working paper reports on a pilot study and validates a pedagogical knowledge instrument. It assesses the pedagogical knowledge and competence base of teachers, teacher candidates and teacher educators. The link between teachers' knowledge and characteristics of teacher education systems, opportunities to learn and motivational characteristics is also examined.


Pedagogical Knowledge and the Changing Nature of the Teaching Profession


This book explores conceptual and empirical work on teachers' pedagogical knowledge, the dynamics of knowledge in the teaching profession, and how to measure pedagogical knowledge as an indicator of teacher quality. It also explores the teaching and learning of 21st century skills and the implications of the science of learning, or educational neurosciences, on teachers' knowledge and teacher education.

 Assessing Teachers’ General Pedagogical Knowledge

 Prof. Dr. Johannes König, University of Cologne, Germany

 The report provides a review of the empirical research on assessing teachers’ general pedagogical knowledge with the purpose to inform the design of an international  assessment instrument. 


 Teacher Motivation Research and its Implications for the Instructional Process
 Jun. Prof. Ph.D. Fani Lauermann, University of Bonn, Germany

 An overview of current research on teacher motivation, major theoretical frameworks guiding this research, available assessments of teacher motivation, and implications for  the instructional process.


 The Neuroscience of Mathematical Cognition and Learning
 Chung Yen Looi, Jacqueline Thompson, Beatrix Krause and Roi Cohen Kadosh - Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford.

 An insight into the neuroscience research underpinning maths learning and cognition - with the aim of better equipping educators and policy makers with the scientific  knowledge underlying maths acquisition, as well as hindrances  to learning such as maths anxiety or dyscalculia.



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