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The Study on Social and Emotional Skills - About the Study


Purpose of the Study

The purpose of the Study is to:

  • Provide participating cities and countries with information on the social and emotional skills of their students
  • Provide insights on how to support students to develop social and emotional skills
  • Demonstrate that valid, reliable, and comparable information on social and emotional skills can be produced across diverse populations and settings.


Background of the Study


  OECD Social and Emotional Skills Origin of the Study


The various stakeholders


SES Various Stakeholders


L‌ike all OECD surveys, the Study on Social and Emotional Skills is organised as a project with a complex management structure and multiple stakeholders, involving national and international institutions, policy makers, researchers, experts and administrators.



Phases of the Study

The Study has 5 phases. Please see the Study Timeline for a detailed view on which phase the Study is currently in.



SES Phases of the Study


Information that will be collected in the Study


SES information that will be collected in the study


The Study will gather information on:

  • Student’s social and emotional skills
  • Family, school and community learning contexts
  • Background characteristics of students, teachers and parents.‌

What skills are to be included in the Study?

The Study draws on a well-known framework in the field of social and emotional skills - the Big Five model.

The below figure summarises the 5 domains that will be included and measured in the Study, and lists the 19 specific social and emotional skills that will be included in the Field Test, which also includes "compound" skills (a combination of two or more individual skills).

The Study is aiming to include 15 skills in the Main Study.


OECD Study on Social and Emotional Skills - Skills to be included in the Field Test


Social and Emotional Skills







Contextual information


SES Contextual information



Principles guiding the development of the Study


SES Principles


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