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The Strategic Education Governance (SEG) project supports countries in developing flexible and adaptive governance processes to be able to deal with the increasing complexity of their education systems. It builds on CERI’s previous work on Governing Complex Education Systems (GCES).

The SEG project plan (pdf) presents in detail the project's rationale, analytical approach, work strands, and the project’s calendar of activities in 2019-2020.



Learn about the aims and origins of the Strategic Education Governance project.


Organisational Framework

The Organisational Framework structures the work of the SEG project in six thematic domains.



Just Released

Education Working Paper

Fahey, G. and F. Köster (2019), "Means, ends and meaning in accountability for strategic education governance", OECD Education Working Papers, No. 204, OECD Publishing, Paris,

This review of the interdisciplinary literature leverages the complexity paradigm to address the extant lack of clarity in theory and practice surrounding accountability. The working paper discusses implications for understanding and managing accountability within contemporary strategic governance. In such an environment, this means rethinking the management of accountability stresses by practitioners as a new normal to be grappled with – and where possible attenuated – rather than the object of tractable solutions, as has been mistakenly conceived in the past.



OECD (2019), Improving School Quality in Norway: The New Competence Development Model, Implementing Education Policies, Éditions OECD Publishing Paris,

This new report applies insights from strategic education governance work, notably on stakeholder involvement, strategic thinking and promoting a whole-of-system approach. It examines how different stakeholders in Norway are rising to the challenge of implementing a new approach to agree on funding allocation for school-based professional development.


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Recent Events

SEG Advisory Group Meeting (Paris, 24-25 September 2019): Participants discussed the policy toolkit's use in country contexts and worked on refining the framework of its second module, which focuses on meaningful accountability. More>> 


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Strands of work

Policy Toolkit

The SEG Project is developing a policy toolkit based on aspirational items to help identify opportunities for improvement and support countries in strategic education governance.


Learning Seminars

SEG Learning Seminars apply OECD's insights on strategic education governance to specific policy challenges. Education systems can draw lessons for governance practice by contrasting and comparing their approaches and the challenges they face. 


Research on innovative governance approaches

Published within the OECD Education Working Papers series, SEG research explores the frontiers of scholarship and practice in order to identify trends, challenges, opportunities, and new ways of thinking as they relate to strategic governance of complex systems.


Related research

Governing Complex Education Systems


Other material

Project brochure: Strategic Education Governance (pdf)



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