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Strategic Education Governance - Policy Toolkit - Advisory group meeting 2019


Advisory Group Meeting (24-25 September 2019): Towards meaningful Accountability - The second module of the SEG Toolkit

The SEG team brought together countries and experts in an advisory group meeting (24-25 September 2019) to reflect on the policy toolkit’s use in country contexts and the proposed framework for its second module, which focuses on meaningful accountablity.

Reflecting on the goals and uses for the SEG Policy Toolkit and its modules. Presentations familiarised participants with the ongoing work on the policy toolkit's architecture and its 'Knowledge Governance' module, the first out of six SEG domains. This included examples of how the module can be adapted to country context.  

Reviewing the preliminary framework of the Accountability module. Presentations introduced participants to the framework of the Accountability module and the underlying change mechanisms that foster meaningful accountability. Participants worked on policy strategies and investigative questions suited to help decision-makers reflect on the accountability arrangements in their system.


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