Stanislas Dehaene


Stanislas Dehaene has been a researcher at I.N.S.E.R.M. (the French equivalent of N.I.H.), since 1989 and is currently head of the research unit on cognitive neuroimaging at Orsay, France.  He is also an associate editor of the journal Cognition, and a member of the editorial board of several other journals, including Neuroimage, PLoS Biology, and Developmental Science. He has received several distinctions, including the Jean Rostand Award for best general-audience scientific book (1997) for La Bosse des Maths (The Number Sense), the James S. McDonnell Centennial Fellowship (1999) and, in 2003, together with Denis Le Bihan, the Louis D. prize from the Institut de France. His research topics focus on the cerebral representation of numbers, neuronal models of cognitive functions associated with the prefrontal cortex, brain imaging of language processing in monolingual and bilingual subjects, and cerebral substrates of conscious and unconscious processing.

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