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Smart data and digital technology in education: Learning Analytics, AI and Beyond


Project Motivation           

Digitalisation is one of the most significant ongoing trends of our societies, impacting on almost every aspect of the economy and society. Digitalisation in education takes several forms, including:

  • the increasing use of digital devices and technologies in education.
  • the increasing production of data (from the use of these digital devices).
  • the increasing use of the produced data to improve, understand, and personalise the learning process, and more generally, various aspects of the educational operation.


Smart data and digital technology in education project picture


  • Current frontiers of digitalisation
  • Foresight
  • Regulatory and cultural challenges

Main Deliverables

  • A series of international seminars
  • A set of future scenarios for strategic thinking
  • An international report:
    • Medium-term frontiers and futures scenarios
    • Identification of risks and policy challenges
    • Examples of promising practices

Focus Area

  • The smart uses of digital devices or software for enhancing learning inside and outside the classroom.
  • The smart uses of data produced or collected in formal education settings for the personalisation of learning and for improving decision-making and policies in education (learning analytics based on instructional and administrative education data, research and evaluation, policy design).
  • The new uses of personal data gathered through Internet navigation, social networks, and networked devices and sensors for personalising and improving people’s educational experience (learning analytics based on big data).


  • Desk research and commissioning of papers on main trends and dimensions of digitalisation in education, such as Learning Analytics, Machine Learning, Adaptive Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Blockchain, Big Data , Data Capture etc.
  • Stakeholder dialogue with policymakers, practitioners, learners, researchers and developers to discuss current and future uses of data and digital devices in education
  • Futures scenario building exercise: what are the possible, desirable  and possibly challenging futures related to the digitalisation of education
  • Discussion on countries’ regulatory frameworks on education data use and access, and their overall administrative data infrastructure




Stéphan Vincent-Lancrin, Senior Analyst and Project Leader



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